Fit for a Skywalker! My Jedi Master skills will help put you above the others in your realm, making you the star of your planet.

Content Marketing

Strengthen the force of your digital content to create more influence over your core audience.

Use The Force, Luke


Targeted tractor beams give you more powerful advertising and product campaigns. Get results as strong as Chewbacca himself!

Bleep, Boop, Bloop, Beep

Social Media

At the heart of every Rebel Fleet is an empowered, engaged, educated audience. Make sure your social media is the strongest in the galaxy.

Chewie, We’re Here

SEO & Digital Strategy

Every Jedi started from humble beginnings. Your story is worth a lot of Galactic Credits. Let’s use it to build your business and convert leads!

May The Force Be With You

Training & Public Speaking

Youngling? Padawan? Knight? Doesn’t matter where you’re at, we’ll get you to Master status in no time!

I’m One With The Force

Brand Ambassador & Brand Consulting

Do you need a temporary Jedi, or maybe you need a little help mastering your brand? The Jedi Council and I have you covered!

That’s No Moon

Sales Consulting & Strategy

If Jen Urso hadn’t found the weakness is the Death Star, the Rebellion would not have been the victors against Count Dooku. Don’t go fighting Tie Fighters blindly. Get a strategy that works!

Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

“Crystal has given me practical and useable advice on improving my social media marketing – I value her experience and professionalism in her industry. She’s a great listener and sees the big picture for her clients to help them navigate the ever changing social media platforms.”

Trish Buzzone, Executive Director @ John C Maxwell Team

“Crystal jumped right in and helped us get this business started. Without her, I don’t know where we’d be! She has a light in her that is very hard to find. She is super talented and reminds me of all the people I used to work with in the marketing industry in NYC.”

Amy Kwiatkowski, Partner @ The Agents K

“Crystal is a person of the highest caliber, dedicated, driven, with unparalleled competency. Her word is unimpeachable, she does not fail to do what she says she will do, truly an uncommon trait in today’s business world. I observed this over the past 10 years as a coworker, business associate, and as a member of the business community.”

Michael DuBois, Veteran’s Advisor @ Career Source Pasco/Hernando

Have you been lookin’ for results in Alderaan places? Let’s chat! I want to help you make your marketing crystal clear.