Training & Public Speaking

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Training & Public Speaking

Many entrepreneurs prefer to do some of the work themselves. In these cases, sometimes they need the training to help them get there. It’s not uncommon for small business to hire young, ambitious kids right out of college. But they lack experience and need a little help getting up to speed. I can provide the training to help them ramp up to Jedi speed! We all need a little help with things from time to time. I’ve provided training for a variety of things like social media, networking, Yoast SEO, etc. If you have an organization that needs training, the Jedi Master can handle that too.

I’ve also done quite a few public speaking events. If you need a speaker, trainer, presenter, or Emcee for a particular event, I’m you’re Jedi!

Additionally, I’ve coached people who needed some help getting comfortable speaking publicly.

Training is a commonplace of business. I get training as often as I can. I read a lot. Watch a lot of videos. Ask a lot of questions. The idea of training is to grow, to learn, to get better. Don’t look at training as a way to beat yourself up over not mastering something. Look at it as a set of stairs. A tall ladder extending to a glass ceiling. It’s a way to grow. Once you grow, it’s a way to grow some more.

If you want to discuss if training is right for you, let’s talk! There’s a chance all you need is a little input from another source and a few suggestions. In turn, if you have suggestions for me, I want to hear them. 


“I am so glad that i was able to attend the [Chamber] breakfast today and hear Crystal D Smith speak. She did a fantastic job this morning! So inspiring and so informative! Her personality and dedication definitely shines through!! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, as I am very sure the entire room did! Thank you for being you, Crystal!!”

Kelly McCrossan

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