Content Marketing

Use the force, Luke

Content Marketing

The strength of your brand’s reputation. Your marketing. The message you deliver to your readers. It’s all in your content. The words that are written.

While content marketing doesn’t traditionally promote a brand directly, it does increase awareness. The purpose of content is to stimulate readers to develop an interest in your products and services. To make them feel a connection to you and your company. This content consists of videos, words, and images spread across the WWW. This includes your website, printed materials, social media. Your content should be strong, consistent, and have intent.

Content Marketing goes far beyond the ability to craft words in well-written statements. It’s also the ability to translate those words into a format best read across various platforms, devices, and search engines. We call this “readability”. It’s not only helpful to your SEO, but it keeps your message easy to read and digest by your viewers.

Finally, your content marketing should have strong on-page SEO as often as possible. There’s really no point in having a really strong message if no one can find it. What’s the point in artwork if only you see it?

If you aren’t sure where you can make improvements in your content, let’s chat! We’ll start by discussing your business, and setting goals for your growth. After analyzing your existing strategies, we’ll use the force to create a new strategy. Once that will make your content crystal clear and provide an effective growth plan.


“Thank you so much for ALL your SEO help on my WordPress website. You showed me me great value and I know I can pass it on to my clients too.”

Carole Sanek

Expressive Creator, Butterfly Boom Productions