Brand Ambassador & Brand Consulting

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Brand Ambassador & Brand Consulting

A lot of businesses hire ambassadors for special events, conferences, trade shows, etc. If you don’t have a full-time salesperson to attend these events, you might want to send a brand ambassador. I’ve actually gone to trade shows with the company’s sales team before. An ambassador’s job is to represent your brand in the best light. To embody and embrace your identity. To get others to feel that passion. They increase awareness which leads to more interest in sales. As a brand ambassador, I’ve acted as an Emcee to conferences. Been host at events. What is being done is dependant on the event. But the ambassador should always have excellent people skills. The ability to read a room and connect. Be articulate, a great speaker, and have a big personality. Their job is to be noticed. And once they are, share your brand in a positive light.

We all know what a brand is on livestock. It’s an identifying mark. That’s what your branding is in your business. It’s all of the emotional and visual cues that identify you. Your brand is what your clients say that it is when you aren’t in the room. It’s important you have the right things in place. Logo, colors, fonts, messaging, operations, service. Every single thing in your process and strategy is a reflection on your branding. Your employees. What they do and say off the clock. As a brand consultant, I’ll help you audit your brand to help you determine where you can make improvements.

I have quite a few Jedi partners who are really helpful in improving your brand. We can work together to make sure it’s crystal clear.

If you want to talk about your branding or your need for an ambassador, let’s converse! There’s always a way to make improvements. Which speaking of, I’d love to hear your ideas on ways I can improve my branding too.


“What strikes you first about Crystal is her expertise and genuine love for what she does. Her ability to diagnose client’s needs is impressive. She knows exactly what is needed and can readily recommend the needed solutions.”

Donna Schroder

Owner, Skin Care by Donna