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Social Media

Digital Marketing is Han Solo. That makes Social Media Chewbacca. As Han’s right-hand man, he always plays an important role in Han’s success. While many people believe social media to be only “social” from a personal perspective, it actually plays a huge role in the success of your online awareness strategy. VISA says that you should never leave home without it. Social media says you should never leave the office without a strategy for it.

Using social platforms is a brilliant way to boost your online presence. These platforms are all unique and contribute immensely to targeting your audience effectively. It gives you a way to create more transparency, education, and engagement.

Many people think that social media marketing is a full-time job. For some companies this is true. For most, it isn’t. Having the right strategy is the key to making the most out of your social media efforts. I offer two core services here. I can either do your social management for you or create a training program for you to do it yourself. If you have a marketer or a full team, I can train them too. We’ll create a customized social strategy tailored for you.

A final note about social media is that it helps your SEO. Using keywords and hashtags and building links will improve your long-term results. For some clients, paid ads and automated lead magnets are a great way to grow your B2B business.

If you want to take a look at your social channels together, let’s chat! There are so many unique ways we can make your social media marketing crystal clear.

If you’re already doing social media but you need a little help improving, get your FREE social media guide. It’s perfect for those at a beginner to intermediate skill level.


“Taking her advise from her social media workshop got me 251 views on my first posted video in less than 24 hours. I can’t wait to see if our Job Fair today is a huge success because of it. Thanks Crystal!” 

Lauren Jolly

Business Development Manager, Spherion Nature Coast