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How does the process work?

It’s a collaborative process, at least in the beginning. I rely on you as the Subject Matter Expert to teach me enough about you and your business that I can provide quality content and effective strategies.

How much does it cost?

There’s no straightforward answer because everyone’s needs are different. It’s based on the type of content and quantity of content you need. I recommend everyone have a starting budget of $300.

What if I need more than what you provide?

Easy peasy! I have a network of partners who provide complementary services. In most cases, I can provide you with high-quality long-term recommendations. 

Can't any decent writer write content?

Well, no. Writing is a skill. So is the ability to restructure messaging to obtain high scores for readability. Add on-page SEO skills and experience. If your writer has these then they could…should be able to handle it.

Can good content improve my SEO efforts?

Yes! Not only will you have stronger on-page SEO (more online traffic), but your recurring SEO will improve. Mainly your bounce rate, session time, click-throughs, and close rates will improve.

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