Sales Consulting & Strategy

Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

Sales Consulting & Strategy

Sales simply are not effective without a plan. Consistency is key in marketing but the same is true in sales…sort of. What’s different is how each person will respond to you and your techiques. That’s why sales consulting is so significant. You need a crystal clear strategy in place to help you streamline your sales and improve your close rate. Your time is valuable and your return of investment should reflect that.

Sales strategy is 90% ONE thing. RELATIONSHIPS. 

Relationships are the key to closing the leads in your pipeline. Your marketing may reflect why you’re good at what you do, but your sales reflects that you are likeable. 

A large part of my sales consulting process is also branding. It’s YOU. Are you likeable? Who are you? Why should people work with you? 

Keeping up with your relationships is the key to both closing an initial client and keeping them coming back. Relationships are at every angle of your business. Marketing, branding, customer service, and the follow up after the deal is done. 

How sure are you that your sales strategy is optimized best for you?

If you aren’t sure, let’s take a peek at your process. There’s usually room for improvement in everyone’s processes, and I’m happy to discuss yours with you. Let’s chat! and get you on a road map to a sales strategy that’s crystal clear. 


“I was very impressed with the professionalism, expertise and detailed nature of Crystal’s approach. She provides consistent and regular feedback, never lets me feel that my needs are trivial or being ignored. In addition to this, she brings a very collaborative approach to her project and I feel I have all the support in the world to achieve success. She is brilliant.”

Tanveer Chaudry, MD

Director, Owner, Solace Behavioral Health