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SEO & Digital Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a common phrase with small business owners. There are two primary types of SEO. Both are a piece of the much large pie, which is known as Digital Marketing. But what exactly is a digital strategy? Well, it’s your road map. How you’ll go from point A to point B. It combines digital marketing tactics that are best for you. It involves planning, management, and implementation. Basically, it’s your response to the challenge of marketing your business. What’s the best way to use technology to grow? That answer is your digital strategy.

I’ve never seen two clients have exactly the same digital strategy. Like snowflakes, we are all different. Even if we have the same product or service, who we are is different. Your digital strategy should reflect that. It’s very common that strategy will involve a combination of content, copywriting, SEO, social media. But how they’re being used is so unique. That’s what makes the difference. It goes beyond “what should you do.” It’s “how do you do it best” and “how do you communicate your message”. That’s the cherry on the sundae.

Your digital strategy should evolve as your business does. It should be flexible enough to grow with you, even if the growth is unanticipated. 

It’s common that I bring in a fellow Jedi or two on projects in order to create the best digital strategy for you. What much of small businesses don’t do enough is combine their marketing efforts to be cohesive. They aren’t working together in the best way possible. This is because piecemeal marketing is common. We add efforts as the budget grows. We often use different providers. As these efforts start growing, they aren’t strategized to work together. This means you aren’t getting the most for your budget.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch, have very little, or have a lot. Chances are we can help streamline your strategy. If you’d like us to take a look, we’re always happy to meet with you! Reach out and let’s set up a meeting to discuss where you are and where you want to be. We’ll help you get crystal clear messaging and develop a profitable marketing machine.


“I can’t say enough good things about how awesome Shine Consulting is to work with. The owner, Crystal, is personable, knowledgeable and FUNNY! SEO is not always fun, but she helped me to understand it better and made the learning process entertaining. She reworked several of my webpages to help drive traffic more appropriately based on improved content. She knows marketing! I have become more successful with her help.”

Susan Fennema

Chief Eradicating Officer, Beyond The Chaos