After successfully reaching your audience, it’s time to implement your messaging. This is my favorite part! This is the 4th cone in your funnel and the 3rd buyer phase. In this cone, you are hooking the leads you’ve cultivated. This strategy is about emotionally connecting. If you have community events this is the perfect place to get heavily involved. Here, you get transparent and get clear on your messaging and what you stand for.

Implement Your Messaging

It’s really critical here that you understand your audience. Provide relevant content for them. Show them you can solve their problems. Be useful to them. Inspire them to believe you are the right fit for their curious need (remember, they’re already considering purchasing at this point.) This is the DECISION-MAKING buyer stage. The point in which they ultimately will make a decision of what to buy and who to buy it from. This is where you want to keep their attention. You’ve already grabbed it, so keep it. Hold on to them tightly. Make them know you, like you, and trust buying from you.


  • Reduction in Bounce Rate
  • Increased time spent on site
  • Additional pages visited per user
  • Social media engagement increase
    • More shared posts
    • Post reaction increase
    • Increase to post comments and/or messages
  • Blog comments increase
  • Questions / Inquiries via email or phone increase
  • Larger lead conversion rates

This is the most critical cone because it’s where buyers will either go all-in or drop off. It’s where the bottleneck starts to occur in the funnel. Having leads drop off isn’t always a bad thing. Maybe your views are too different or you aren’t the best fit for their needs. Maybe they didn’t have the budget or don’t have what’s needed yet to buy. This is a great place to create a strategy to take your leads that don’t convert and repeat these processes by keeping them in your sales pipeline.

Part 5 – Convert Customers