Now that you have planned your funnel, it’s time to reach your audience. This is the part where you focus on the inbound and lead generation portion of your funnel. This cone is all about being a magnet and drawing in interested potential buyers.

Reach Your Audience

Publish, promote, talk, call, advertise. This is the cone in which you let your voice be heard. Focus here on your SEM and content efforts that will increase your traffic and viewers. This is the EXPLORATION phase for buyers. They are curious and looking for your product or service. Cater to them and their mindset in this cone. These people are curious so make content educational, fun, interactive. Do more link building, share more links to other platforms. Cross blog and be a guest on someone’s show or podcast.


  • Are you increasing your social followers?
  • Do you have more visitors coming to your site?
  • What are your open and click-through rates on your email and/or PPC campaigns?
  • Is the phone ringing more?
  • Does your store have more foot traffic?

The more improvements you have in these measurable areas, the better. This cone is all about having more people learn about you, your products, your services.

Part 4 – Implement Your Messaging