After you have implemented your message like a Jedi Knight, you are finally ready to convert customers. This is the part you’re going to like best because your ROI is nearly upon you. This cone is about making that final push to appeal to their impulse to buy. Here you’ll leverage your sales, promotions, coupons, or e-commerce push. In this phase, email and text campaigns are a great way to make additional offers to get your potential buyers one step closer to purchasing.

Convert Customers

If you have customers on the fence, you can repurpose content here to get in front of them again. Start them again on step 2-3 and run them through to 4-5. Rinse, lather, repeat. Find ways to get noticed like in step 1, except having a call to action. Give them something of value that isn’t education. Email them about their shopping cart. Text them a promotional offer to visit your shop. Call them with a discount offer. Mail them a postcard about the item they’ve been looking at. Send them a relevant blog or content piece about the service they are interested in. Don’t be pushy, be helpful, and offer financial value. Reiterate that you can solve their problems. This is the PURCHASE¬†buyer phase. They are ready to buy but may still need a reason to do so from you.

Part 6 – Engage Buyers