Congratulations! You’ve converted customers with your funnel. But the cost of acquisition is high so now we need to engage buyers. In this final cone, the goal is to get more business from your existing customer base. Sometimes, customers will become your biggest fans in this step. Encourage your customers to be your raving fans and let them know that you will never forget them.

Engage Buyers

This is the place where you can replan new marketing funnels designed to cater to your current clients. I suggest setting goals for both repeat business and for referrals. Send occasions emails, texts, and mailings to let them know you remember them. Send them valuable blogs they may find helpful. Give them promotional offers occasionally if they don’t bite on the other campaign steps. Ask them for testimonials, reviews, and referrals. Consider making a referral program. My favorite coffee shop gives me a free dirty chai every 10 visits. My hairdresser gives me a free cut and style for my birthday. In the software business, we gave big hourly rate discounts for referrals. Make customized gifts and hand-written cards for special occasions. The more you increase the lifetime value of each customer, the more profitable you will be.

This is the ADVOCACY¬†stage for buyers. You have the opportunity to impress them with your processes here. Was the buying experience good? Did you follow up? Are they happy with their purchase? Selling takes a lot of touches to close business. Getting repeat business takes a lot of touches as well.¬† This final cone is where you’ll strategize your future touches.