I’d like the thank the¬†Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce for making Shine Consulting their Social Media Marketing Training decision, and for selecting me to be their official trainer! I’m thrilled that they found my social media knowledge to be of great value for them. I love opportunities to transfer my knowledge and expertise with organizations on a personalized, and custom level. I love training and teaching, it’s my favorite services that we offer at Shine Consulting.

Hernando County Chamber

The GHCCC approached me because they wanted to keep up with the technologies leveraged by the larger chambers in bigger cities. Counties like Hillsborough, Pinellas, Orange, etc. have a lot of younger urban professionals that leverage social media marketing for their events. We immediately recognized not only the opportunity to do the same in a smaller county but a rare opportunity seeing how Hernando only has one Chamber. We came up with a strategy to promote members, spotlight their businesses, expose their branding, and grow their revenue through SMM. By doing the right ‘things’ the Chamber is now able to offer more value than ever to members! Social Media Marketing Training was critical to ensure this could become a reality.

Social Media Marketing Training

I started by preparing a custom presentation that was tailored for the Chamber’s goals. The custom social media marketing training included the following areas:

  • Target Audience – understanding who the Chamber should be trying to reach, where, and how
  • Content – how to create content and what to think about when deciding what content is best (see related article)
  • Statistics – understanding what the statistics mean to you and how to leverage them into your SMM
  • Social Media Platforms – what are the more common platforms and how are they different
  • Business & Social Media – more statistics and an in-depth understanding of what you should be focused on and why in SMM
  • Roles & Responsibilities – how to accomplish SMM as a team effort. What individual roles each employee has based on their unique responsibilities within the Chamber.
  • Effective Techniques – how to manage their time so they can be efficient and successful at SMM without making it another “job”
Crystal D Smith (L) of Shine Consulting & Jean Harberts (r) of GHCCC. Even the newest of newbies can learn SMM with Shine's Social Media Marketing Training

Crystal D Smith (L) of Shine Consulting & Jean Harberts (r) of GHCCC. Even the newest of newbies can learn SMM with Shine’s Social Media Marketing Training

The second part of the training process was to help teach them how to admin their pages, how to use the tools available, how to leverage mobile capabilities, etc. Many times my help is required to ensure your pages are optimized so I spent a few hours correcting some things and changing some content.

Over the course of two days, the entire organization absorbed a ton of information and almost immediately began putting it to use. The Chamber has an absolute passion to grow by providing more service and value to its members. By levering SMM, they plan to do so! It’s the best time ever to join the Chamber if you haven’t already and if you are a member, definitely renew so that you can get your member spotlight on the Chamber SM pages, getting you in front of thousands of local business professionals. The Chamber is dedicated to helping connect businesses to the right synergistic partners, clients, etc. They are passionate about being a critical part of member success.

You can check out the GHCCC online to see if they’re a fit for your business. I highly recommend checking out the events calendar and attending some functions to gain a better sense of what the Chamber offers. If you want to speak to someone about the benefits, tools, and value of being a member, talk to Linda, their VP of First Impressions. Membership packages start under $300 yearly. If they’re as dedicated to member success as they were at our social media marketing training, I can assure you there’s value to be had!