There are many types of online writing styles that could be used on your website. In this article, I want to talk about the main differences in each of the 3 types that I get the most questions on, and try to keep it very simple and brief. By understanding these key differences, it may be easier for you to strategize your content, or better analyze the right writer for the job.

Online Writing Styles

I’m only going to be covering the specific topics that folks have asked the most questions on recently, though I will touch very briefly on other styles of online writing.

SEO Content Writing

Content Writing often has two different goals, to generate traffic, or to generate low bounce rates and keep readers on the page. Sometimes, both. SEO Content Writing is common for Landing Pages. It will…should…be used in your Click Funnels. SEO Content Writing is more focused on saturation and is often a bit less readable than a traditional piece of Content Writing, which are more like Blogs, or menu pages. Content Writing is more about the content, the messaging, the direct connection to readers. SEO Content Writing is more about how to boost organic SEO results. Content Writing and SEO Content Writing  as a combo are great options for you if you want to:

  • Improve your written vision and/or mission statement
  • Increase website traffic over time
  • Product captivating blogs and content pieces
  • Add Landing Pages
  • Improve your Click Funnels
  • Increase time on-site per user
  • Decrease bounce rate


Copywriting has a singular goal of driving sales. Converting leads to customers. The Copy is for the purpose of creating specific advertising, producing Click Funnels, and promoting click-throughs or backlinks. Copywriting is the process I use for running ad campaigns, social media, or making specific product descriptions that aren’t on their own SEO strategy. The copy is never focused on keyword saturation or indexing related metadata. It’s all about being flashy and having a sex appeal if you will.  Copywriting is an option for you if you want to:

  • Create a very targeted campaign
  • Improve your social media postings
  • Increase your Click Funnel results
  • Send postcards, letters, flyers, or any printed collateral
  • Place ads in magazines or produce catalogs
  • Need content for trade shows or special events

The technical difference in the online writing styles of Content & SEO Content and Copywriting? Content and SEO Content focus on search engine rules for keywords, phrasing, and structure. Copywrite uses actual customers and buyer personas for keywords, phrasing, and structure. 

Technical Writing

Technical Writing is a beast entirely in its’ own arena. MOST companies don’t need technical writers for their content. Search engines perform best with readability scores in specific ranges (although this has a low impact.) The average internet user reads at a 14-year-old reading level (Flesch score of around 65). Technical Writing requires you to break both of those ‘rules’. Where online content is easy to read and doesn’t use traditional MLA-style formats, Technical Writing is harder to read, and tightly structures so it does meet these college-used formats. You should consider Technical Writing if you want to:

  • Product User Manuals
  • Make detailed product instructions
  • Create any legal documents
  • Service certain industries, like higher-level education
  • Write an operations manual or a company culture document


Hopefully, this helps you better understand where you can put more thought into your content strategy and creation. If you need more help, you can Dispatch the Rebel Fleet any time, I love having chats about this sort of thing. I would also love to connect with you on Facebook where we can share ideas and strategies together. If you have anything to teach me, message me there!

Stay cool, all you cats and kittens