The rage for online sponsored ads is a smorgasbord of content about content; the two topmost pieces of that pie are Click Funnels and Landing Pages. Confusingly enough these two things are similar and have a bit of reliance on one another but they are very, very different things. So today I want to help you better understand Click Funnels and the differences between them and Landing Pages.

It’s important to understand that both are key elements of a lead generation strategy. Where they are most different is where they are at in relevance to the customer’s journey.

What Is A Click Funnel?

Well, the name is apropos. It’s a series of customer clicks that funnel them to a specific point. It’s a journey of content pieces that may reach them in multiple places designed to take them to a specific end result. Rather than explain a Click Funnel in writing, here’s an example of a click funnel as a diagram.

What is a click funnel

What Is A Landing Page?

It’s a page you land on from a specific keyword query. These are pages, rich in SEO, designed to draw the viewer into this specific content. These pages should have a form of CTA. They should be educational, relevant, and engaging. They can be used as a part of the click funnel process. Say in the Educate or Build Trust portions. Landing Pages should redirect too often as this could affect your SEO negatively. You want people to stay on this page for at least long enough to read through most of the content.

what is the purpose of a landing page

How Do They Work Together?

Sometimes Landing Pages are a part of a Click Funnel. On its own, a Landing Page should be used to boost your ranking and audience. But Click Funnels can also point directly to them, especially if the goal is to educate, build trust, or schedule a consult (or next step.)

Click Funnel or Landing Page?

If I’m building a campaign, how do I know which to focus on? Well, it depends on your goal. If you’re looking to sell multiple products or services through e-commerce, you may want to invest in a click funnel. If the goal is to get more consults, focus on landing pages. Both are extremely good practices that will help amplify your results and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Click funnels tend to do well for products whereas landing pages are more elemental for services but that doesn’t always mean this is the only strategy. If you aren’t sure, Dispatch The Rebels and let’s chat. Or contact your marketer. Decide on your goals and set up your customer profile. Then see what’s right for you.


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