This article is all about why selling never ends. Selling doesn’t sleep, and never takes breaks. Sales are inside, outside, around, under, and above us. Sales is a never-ending constant, an infinite loop, a circle. Why selling never ends is because we’re truly always selling. A thing, an idea, a brand, ourselves. Selling never ends.Selling Doesn't Sleep

Why Selling Never Ends

Selling never ends because every day someone somewhere is viewing you and you’re making an impression. Whether you’re representing a small company or a 10,000 man firm, someone somewhere is judging that business based on you. No matter what your product or service is, someone somewhere is determining if they’re going to buy based on your presentation of that product or service. If you’re networking for a company, or perhaps yourself, you’re selling yourself, who you are, and what you represent, to the people you meet. If you’re hanging out with friends, you’re selling yourself as a candidate for great, long lasting friendship.

You Are A Brand

Yes, you read that right, you are a brand. Even if you aren’t representing a company, even if you’re off the clock, you are a brand. What people say about you when you aren’t looking is your brand. The company you work for has a brand and you are a direct reflection and extension of that brand. You not only represent what that brand means to consumers, but you place an impression on potential consumers and your personal brand becomes tied to that company’s brand.

You Are Your Own Brand

What does your personal brand say about you? Think about the qualities and characteristics of your personal brand. What words would describe you? Honest, ambitious, intelligent, caring, a great networker, marketing whiz, athletic, humorous, charismatic. There are many ways people can interpret you and all of it is important (to an extent, of course). We want to be clear that we aren’t looking to make you insecure or worried about what people think, but you should always be conscious of the fact that people are thinking, and they’re thinking about you. Everything you say, do, post, tweet, etc. is a potential way that you can be a role model. Basically, we’re encouraging you to be positive, memorable, and lovable. People will develop an idea of you, and that is why selling never ends.

Consumers Want To Matter

Not just consumers, people, all people, want to matter. Your customers want to feel important, and they should be. You should be addressing their needs by providing real-world solutions. They need to clearly understand the benefits of your products that are right for them. They need concise and direct information on your services. Your team wants to matter. Without a positive, happy culture, it’s harder for businesses to thrive. Your employees want to feel appreciated, needed. They need to know how important they are to your team. Your networking connections need to matter, they need to know that you’re going to promote them and help their businesses grow. (Want to know what networking connections are? Check out How To Network Successfully.)

Customers Want to Matter

They need to see the results that you are reciprocating that mutually beneficial relationship. We probably don’t have to remind you that your friends, family, and social circle want to matter too. The fine line there is making sure they know about the business you represent but that you’re not too business for them to enjoy you after hours. When you prioritize people and their feelings, they’re going to help both your business growth and your personal development. When people are treated right, and you always do what’s best for them, you earn their trust and their loyalty. That translates to sales and exposure. Everyone wants to feel important and that is why selling never ends.

You Are Your Biggest Critic

Even the most confident of individuals will second guess themselves. It’s just a thing that people do and everyone does it. We don’t know why. Could be a survival instinct, maybe childhood issues, or how about media influence. Eh, who knows. All that matters is that you’re aware you do it. We all do. The first sale you should make every day is to yourself. You should be sold on your own brand, first and foremost, every day when you start your day. You should be sold on your products/services too.

You Are You Own Worst Critic

The first sale you make is always to yourself, if you don’t believe in what you’re selling, no one else will. Kirk Bowman, Visionary of Value, at Art of Value,

Kirk couldn’t possibly be more accurate and there’s not much more to say. You cannot lose your ability to sell unless you lose yourself in yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to trust yourself. Be willing to accept mistakes, and even failure, and learn from it all. Always sell yourself to yourself first, and to the rest of the world right after. Because your self-confidence needs you is why selling never ends.

It Feels Good

There, we said it. It feels good to sell. If you’re a natural salesman, you get an undisputed natural high from closing a sale. The bigger the better. We’ve asked many of our friends who are in sales which gives them a better feeling, picking up a beautiful young attractive mate at a bar or closing the sale of a lifetime. You may be surprised to know much of a struggle it was for folks to answer that question. Sale of a lifetime won by nearly 70%. It feels good for many reasons. The exhilaration of closing sales brings euphoric feelings, we certainly love the way it feels although we don’t know exactly why it makes us feel that way. Part of the exhilaration is likely either the commission, revenue, or kudos about to head your way, but still, it’s exhilarating nonetheless.

Happy Sales

It also feels real, real good to help people. When you sell the right product or service and your client is happy, it’s thrilling. It’s the reason most people sell. When consumers think of salespeople, they often think of negative traits like a pushy, manipulative, self-centered, aggressive, liar, even slimy. We’ve heard it all but we hear those the most. What’s frustrating is most salespeople are positive and they know it. We know salespeople to be patient, honest, ambitious, passionate, friendly, and outgoing. What feels so good is when you can take a client who’s had a bad sales experience and give them a great one. To be the go-to person of a customer is the best rush ever. The point is, we like making people feel good and we like to feel good and sales give so much opportunity. Because the world needs salespeople is why selling never ends.

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