We’d like to take a moment and talk about why you should use WordPress (WP) and why it is the #1 Content Management System (CMS) on the planet for the business world. We often can sense some hesitation from larger businesses who view WP as a blogger’s tool, or a website for a small business running out of mom’s basement. While this is true, what if we told you that of the largest 1,000 websites (monthly visits) in the world, WP powers 90% of them? Would you take WP more seriously as a large-scale corporate business tool capable of marketing a Fortune 500 company?

Why Use WordPress

There are over 300 CMS platforms in the world but only WP owns over 57% of that market share.

Why Use WordPress?

Let’s dig in a little deeper at the value and benefits we can offer you with WP.

It’s Trending

What if we told you WP powers 1 in every 4 websites today and that number was 1:5 2 years ago? At the current trend, more than 30% of websites will use WordPress by 2017. It’s that powerful, that flexible, and that efficient. It’s trending because it’s just that good. Every 74 seconds there’s a new WP site, the second fastest growing system can only claim a new site every 22 minutes. Would you believe us if we told you that WordPress.com gets more visitors than Apple? Well, it’s true. WordPress receives 35,910,572 visitors each month compared to Apple.com that sees 16,837,476 per month. The population of Canada is 36 million. WP’s monthly following is almost single-handedly as large as Canada!

WordPress CMS for CEOs

WordPress dominates the market

It’s Flexible

We can provide you with far more potential options when you use WordPress. There have been 143 versions of WP to date, because of their continuous efforts to update and improve, we can bring you more features, more quickly. Are you international? Use WordPress. WP is available in 62 languages currently and is working on adding 7 new languages to the portfolio as we speak. There are over 44,000 plugins available to WordPress. This means the possibilities of what we can do for you is nearly limitless in scope. Given the time and resources, there isn’t anything we can’t do with WordPress. Because WP is a CMS, you will have more flexibility as the user to add and edit content where needed. Blogging, updating products, adding instructional videos, improving SEO, editing team bio’s…these are all easily managed with the use of WordPress due to its flexible design.

It’s Powerful

Use WordPress because it has proven itself time and time again of handling abstract projects with speed, reliability, and digital marketing compatibility. WordPress sites are responsible for 1.7 million new posts every day. That’s 71,000 every hour, or about 1000 every minute. These numbers wouldn’t exist if this were not a powerful and capable technology. WP can be a powerful e-commerce tool capable of taking thousands of orders a day and assisting to keep track of your leads. It can display your product catalogs, or show off your services with the use of images, videos, and music tracks. WordPress can handle multiple functions and integrate with a number of technologies making it one of the most powerful marketing tools available for business. If WordPress weren’t powerful, why it is used as the website platform for Sony, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Star Wars, PlayStation, MTV, eBay, Google, and NASA, just to name a few?

It’s Smart

Did we just say you should use WordPress because it’s smart? Yes, we did. How smart? According to Matt Cutts, the former head of Google’s web spam team, sites built with WordPress are capable of ranking higher in search results because the CMS takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues. This means we can give you more accurate organic SEO in less time with less need for a large-scale budget. It’s so smart in design that it’s completely desirable. Google reports that there were 600 million WordPress-related search results using Chrome. There’s a reason everyone wants WP. What’s really impressive is that WordPress has only 460 employees, that’s 500 TIMES fewer than Amazon. They are truly smart all around and continue to be at the forefront of web development technology, making them an obvious choice for any sized business.

It’s Safe

Do not be afraid to use WordPress because of security. WordFence Security, a free plugin, and strong passwords have been protecting WordPress sites with impressive efficiency. WordFence updates often to combat the latest security risks that their team detects. Askimet, another free plugin, has blocked well other 1 Billion Spam comments on WP sites. It is as secure as it is smart.


The way that WordPress allows us to architect a CMS system is highly sophisticated. It’s the reason WP is so flexible, powerful, and trendy. It’s just a smart tool that truly is that great from the tiniest of implementation to the largest corporate release, and everything in between. How it allows us to create a website that’s user-friendly, intuitive, and easy for non-developers to use is perhaps its greatest appeal. To provide a fully functioning website that allows our customers the flexibility to not have to call us for every little change saves them both time and money. It’s a win/win that’s good enough for Google, so we certainly believe it’s good enough for our customers too.

Use WordPress

WP started as a blogging platform and became the world’s largest CMS and website platform

If you have questions on your website, let us give you a complimentary audit. We’ll be sure to provide you with honest feedback on how we can help you use WordPress better to promote your business.

Thanks for reading!