Text message marketing is a tool that isn’t leveraged enough. It’s not just in my opinion, but consumers surveyed have noted this as well. Roughly 64% to be exact (as published by Forbes.) It’s a fantastic tool to reach your customers and potential customers with more touches. It’s also a really effective way to communicate. 98% of all text messages are opened. 95% are responded to within 3 minutes of being delivered. Consider that email open rates are 20% on average. This means that text message marketing has such huge potential but is so underutilized. In fact, 75% of consumers reported wanting to receive offers via text. (Statistics from SMS Comparison.) So, let’s dive in and talk about what some ways that you can leverage text message marketing for your business.

Text Message Marketing

Btw, it’s estimated that nearly 50 million people will opt into marketing options via SMS.

What Is It?

You may have also heard this called SMS marketing for short message service. It’s as simple as it sounds. Send information to your customers or potential customers via text. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s direct, and it’s effective.

Text Marketing Strategies

Here are some ways that you can leverage text message marketing for your business.

Customer Service, Project Management

I can’t imagine a single business that doesn’t have some sort of customer service. And many service providers have project management. Text messages are a great way to communicate for both. I really love texting for project management. It’s so much faster than email. I find it really convenient for sending links to review content or mobile versions of web pages. Squarespace and many major POS systems allow for text message receipts which is so much more convenient and saves paper.

Coupons, Promotions, Deals

Many POS systems and website merchant systems will allow you to use links, typed codes, or QR codes for discount structures. It’s so easy to send this kind of information over SMS. It can be limited-time overs, exclusive offers, regular coupons on a schedule, etc. If you offer services, this may be harder to work into your strategy but get creative. Offering referral programs or giving away deals for repeat projects is a great way to leverage texting. Real Estate agents should absolutely be sending links for the perfect listings to their clients.

text message marketing

Bed Bath & Beyond get our business a lot with their regular coupon offers that we can sign up for by text

Product Launch, New Service, Event Dates

Texting is a great way to release information and generate buzz on new products and services. If you have any events, classes, presentations, etc you can easily and quickly get the information out about the dates, times, locations, etc. Even if it is a free event you are teaching, collect a text list so you can send everyone the reminder. Especially at a conference when people are prone to forgetting or a lunchtime event to encourage attendees not to be late.

I often attend global drag shows, so Voss Promotions sends me updates and links to buy tickets via text

Presentation or Meeting Followups

I like collecting numbers after a presentation. This way I can follow up with notes, slides, or additional information for any questions they asked. I also love following up after consultations and meetings this way. It’s so much faster than email. It’s also a great way to gather more information during the discovery process. If you sell retail products, followup on it as a form of text message marketing. Ensure they’re using the products correctly, or get feedback on how happy they are with the goods.

Optin or Signup

If someone signups for your newsletter or more info, text them information as well. It’s more effective than email campaigns alone. Send links to new blogs you think would be relevant to them. When someone reaches out and includes their number, text them. Offer to get to know each other, answer questions, provide value. The average email is responded to in 90 minutes, at a 20% rate. Text is 90 seconds with over a 90% rate. The bottom line is that you should be texting more.

Sales Cycle

Sales and marketing are not the same things but they are related. Part of your text message marketing should be in the sales process. Prospects who receive texts as part of the sales process convert at a rate that’s 40% higher than those who are not receiving texts during the sales cycle. Texts can be a followup to your sales both initially and for repeat business with existing clients.

Personal Alerts, Appointments

Chances are, you’re already receiving text notifications from your medical provider. It’s also popular with food service to notify you that your table or your order is ready. Consider the ways that you could use this for your business. Meeting over coffee? Text a reminder with a link to the location on Google Maps.

Mmmmmm. Carrabba’s takeout is ready!

Tools for the Trade

Just like with email marketing, there’s a variety of tools you can use to help you leverage text message marketing. SlickText is probably the best with the widest range in pricing and options for smaller entities, including solopreneurs. For larger companies in specific industries, Airship is quite effective. EZTexting is another good one that I recommend you check out. You can always do your text message marketing purely yourself the old fashioned way. Make each message unique and customized doing it all manually. That works until you grow to a certain point.


Do you have anything you’d like to share about text message marketing? Success stories, horror stories, strategies? I’d love to connect with you anytime! For more information like this and other marketing blogs, follow me on LinkedIn.

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