I recently helped a client fix a suspended Google listing and listen, it isn’t fun. Not much about Google listings or Google My Business IS fun. Here are some reasons you may get a suspension and what you can do to reinstate your listing.

Reasons for Suspended Google Listing

Google isn’t going to tell you, so you’ll have to guess. In most cases, it’s not too hard to spot the offender(s)

  • Make sure ALL of the following is accurate as listed on your business documentation/registration
  • Details that may cause issues and are not recommended
    • Multiple listings for the same business
    • Multiple addresses for the same listing
    • Claiming a business listing you do not legally own
    • Listing addresses or numbers not associated with the business

Google needs to verify all of the information in your business. If you make any major changes and Google doesn’t think it’s a match, or it’s legit, you may get a suspended Google listing. Also, make sure your primary and secondary categories are accurate to your business. If you change ownership of the business or management through a Google login you may run into a suspension as well.

Once you verify your listing you can hide your address if it is a home-based business. You cannot change the service area after opening a visible address. It’s also against GMB T&Cs to use a PO Box, virtual address, or UPS/FedEx store address.

If your business is a high-risk industry like locksmiths, HVAC, plumbing, electrical Google will be more strict about these guidelines. You are more likely to get a suspended Google listing if you are in certain industries, you purchased a business, or you are taking over a business.

How To Fix It

In your admin dashboard, you will be able to request Google to reinstate your listing. They will often ask for an explanation and they may offer you an option to upload documents. I have had luck with using a combination of the following documents to verify and/or reinstate listings:

  • Business License
  • State Business Filing Receipt
  • Professional License
  • Utility Bills & Rental Agreement or Mortgage (proof of occupancy)
  • Photos of Physical Business Location (take pictures to include the logo, address, and vehicles if applicable)
  • Tax Documents
  • Proof of Ownership, Transfer, or Purchase of the Business


Another thing to consider is setting up a Google Listing for a chain location. It’s not too different from a standard setup but there are a few things you’ll want to know.

I also suggest reviewing Google’s recommendations on Working With a 3rd Party to ensure you understand the management and impact.


Do you have any feedback on fixing a suspended google listing? Ever received one? Anything else you’d like to add? Follow my Google Listing for updates on content like this. If you need help reviewing, correcting, or leveraging a strategy for your Google Listing, Summon The Jedi Council, and let’s chat!

Thanks for reading!