Real Estate Branding is becoming more and more important in the world of real estate. Today I had the opportunity to present on ‘Branding Yourself in the Real Estate World’ to the Young Professional’s Hernando County Association of Realtors. I presented on real estate branding, and personal branding. I had a blast! The group was fun, energetic, and happy to participate. If you’re in the branding industry, find a group of Realtors! You can’t have mine though, they’re too much fun.

Real Estate Branding

Real estate branding often includes the common practice of brokerages listing their agents briefly. In this session, we learned ways to strengthen our individual brand. Separating ourselves from others is extremely important in real estate branding. Using our, passions, and hobbies to attract the best clients. This strategy provides an atmosphere to work smarter and not harder. Working with the best buyers and sellers ensures long-term relationships. That results in more repeat business, more referrals, and better referrals.

Young Professional’s HCAR group – these folks are a lot of fun!

In today’s real estate branding presentation, topics discussed were:

  • What branding really is (the golden rule of branding)
  • The difference between professional branding and personal branding
  • The synergy between the two types of branding
  • How to separate yourself from others in your industry
  • The benefits of leveraging real estate branding correctly
  • The 3 major impressions that affect your branding
  • Why it’s OK to allow your brand to ‘turn off’ clients who are not ideal to work with you

If you are looking for improvement in your branding, let’s chat! I offer strategy creation, training, coaching, and consulting. Our firm has partnered up with Dove Dream Developer. We now offer coaching and training on relationship building, lead management, networking, and referral marketing.

(L-R) Karen Dove, Crystal D. Smith, and Elizabeth Limestahl