Content is everywhere. It’s what we see, feel, write, read. In the world of marketing, it IS the world. Quality content is crucial. It’s also hard to do for a lot of marketers. Especially small business owners doing their own marketing. Creating quality content can often feel like a big stressor. It doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re writing blogs or posting on social media, there are 4 key components to create quality content. I wrote this article to help you leverage these four key elements to improve your content creation.

Creating Quality Content – The 4 Key Components


What education can you offer your viewers?

Here’s where you add value to your viewers by informing them. Answering questions they may have. Give them information that’s valuable to them. Quality content can help you stay relevant to them. It can also lead to you being a subject matter expert. Make sure that your content is suitable for your viewers. That is addresses things they may need or want to know about your industry. Create the content that will attract the viewers you want to draw to your business. Consider carefully your choices for search engine optimization. Keywords and keyphrases should be strategized with your content to work effectively.


Use media that’s fun, colorful, and memorable

Nobody wants to be bored. Education isn’t fun when it’s too boring, too hard, too complex.  Make your content easy to read. Don’t be afraid to say a few jokes, or add some fun stuff in. Infographics are always great. So are videos, memes, quotes, etc. Keep your content short when possible. I rarely write articles that are only 300-500 pages. So I include more pictures, captions, videos, quotes, and fun humor. It’s okay to be punny. Business has a lot of serious moments. Capture the fun, lighthearted moments when you can. Remember ASO. Always Stand Out. There are a million other in your industry but there is only one you. Use that. Be yourself in your content. USe your own personal brand to add fun to your quality content.


What emotions do your customers feel?

Relators will tell you this. Location, location, location. I tell marketers this. Emotion, emotion, emotion. The deeper you connect with your readers, the greater your results. They become more invested in you. This translates into closed business, repeat business, and referrals. Share who you are with your viewers. Use your personality. Quality content can make your customers feel something. Emotions are the catalyst to action.


Your call to action doesn’t have to be THIS obvious

You need to have a call to action. A purpose. An additional value for your readers. Remember that viewer doesn’t always generate a sale. Maybe it’s also a referral, a testimonial, a “follow”, a review, etc. What action can you inspire a reader to do that will help your business? Be sure that the quality content you’re delivering them is valuable to them. That it’s worth them taking an action for you too. What else can you offer them if they do reach out? Get creative here. Each platform and channel doesn’t require the same strategy for conversion.

Wrap Up

If you consider these 4 things and learn to strategize them, you will have better content. You will begin to see the quality content that generates more results. It’s not a short-term process, in regards to ROI and lead generation. Using these key components can help you ensure these long-term investments will be prolific.

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