I am thrilled to have been the kickoff speaker for the 2017 Keys To Success, at the HCCOC Breakfast, presenting on personal branding, today. My presentation, ‘The Power of Personal Branding’ went better than I could have imagined. Over 200 business professionals attended and showed their support for our community. I love how supportive Hernando County is! I had a great time and loved, loved, loved how much participation occurred.

It was a fun, interactive session where so many attendees happily engaged in a series of Q&A and opinion sessions about personal branding and marketing your personal brand. I was overjoyed with the feedback and the amount of support and encouragement I received after the presentation.

What a humbling moment to get to share my passion with so many well-respected connections.

My presentation included:

  • The value of personal branding
  • How to become your own brand
  • Leveraging your passions into your business
  • The importance of cultivating, and building, relationships
  • Reasons to be transparent, and share your personal branding with others
  • What happens when you live in the ‘shadows of expectation’
  • The most common mistakes made when branding, and how to avoid them

If you are interested in ways to improve your personal branding, we’d love an opportunity to help! We offer strategy creation, coaching, public speaking, and training.