On September 11th, The Female Founder’s Society proudly released ‘Kicking Insecurities to the Curb’. Like all our videos, it’s raw, unscripted, and transparent. Kicking Insecurities to the Curb covers bite-sized strategies that entrepreneurs can use to help reduce the debilitating effects of struggling with insecurities. Imposter syndrome is no exception here. As always, we’ll cover techniques you can use at home or in the office.

As always, Claire and I share our own personal struggles and the methods we have used to kick the crap out of insecurities.

Kicking Insecurities to the Curb

Watch the full-length video here


Imposter syndrome is VERY real. It can make you feel like an intellectual fraud. When I suffer I’m unable to celebrate my achievements and I internalize every reason to doubt myself. Studies have shown this lack of self-belief is correlated directly to anxiety, low confidence levels, and self-sabotage behaviors. Things most women struggle with at some point during their lives.

Self-love, self-care is always the most important aspect of your business. When we struggle, it’s okay to put down the work and walk away to prioritize ourselves. While hustle develops success, the lack of self-care easily negates hard work and effort. Remember, YOU are what’s most important. And YOU wouldn’t be this far if you were an imposter.

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