Not every article I write has to do with my business or profession. Video games seem like a ridiculous topic but it’s a big hobby of mine. I love to play and review them so each year, I’ve decided to present my take on my personal favorite for Game of The Year. For me, there is no other choice for 2017 outside of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’. In fact, I’m willing to go as far as to say this is one of the best games I’ve ever played ever. Ever!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

I started playing this game within a week of its’ release. I recommend the Complete Edition because it includes the DLC ‘Frozen Wilds’ which I bought that same year. It’s SO worth it. I absolutely recommend you get the add-on. It affects the storyline big time. Plus, new terrain, new machines, new quests, new weapons, and a very nice Spear modification.

My overall score for Horizon: Zero Dawn is 4.88 / 5


Er. Mer. Gerhd! This is one of the best stories I’ve played in a video game. This is up there with my first run through of ‘Heavy Rain’. I was completely captivated by it. Finding out who Alloy is and why just drove me deeper, and deeper into an emotional connection with her character. Discovering so much in one single game was epic. Even through multiple playthroughs, I am still catching things I didn’t before. Though Frozen Wilds didn’t have as complete a storyline, it did set the game up for a sequel. And I’m so excited because there is much to be discussed with Sylens.

Horizon: Zero Dawn gets a storyline score of 5 / 5


Character development is really important for me, as a writer. So separate from the story, I care about the story arcs and development of each character. Firstly, I love Rost. Everyone needs a Rost in their lives. I wish I could be Alloy. If I were good at Cosplay, she’d be my go-to. Alloy is the best! Even if you play her through as cruel, she’s likable. Even the characters you wanted to hate in the game were done well. Sylens? I love that guy as much as I hate him. Even the Carja King was great. Though I would have liked more options for storyline changes, greater arcs, and romancing abilities (maybe).

Horizon: Zero Dawn Characters receive a score of 4.5 / 5


The gameplay mechanics are really good. Really good. The controls are intuitive and easy to pick up. The guidance the game gives you in the early stages is good. It’s pretty easy to pick everything up and run with it, although the game itself is quite challenging. The abilities, weapons, armor, upgrades, crafting, etc. is really well thought out. Even on the easiest setting, it poses a challenge at certain points in the game. There’s no way to walk through it without some stress. The solo Stormbird battle. The Rockbreaker quests. Those damned Claws! Frozen Wilds stepped up the challenge level as well and added new wildlife, herbs, and crafting. The only thing I’m perturbed about is I cannot ride a Thunderjaw like the picture that’s on the cover of the original game sleeve.

The Gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn gets a 4.9 / 5


This game is beautiful! The open world is brilliant. Terrains, machines, and factions change along with the scenery. Caldrons look twisted and evil. Vantage points are nostalgic. The cut scenes of the story are emotional. Everything about the graphics is just beautiful. So wonderfully crafted and put together. I cannot wait to see 4K and 8K on the PS5 release when HZD will be producing the sequel. These machines were epic and really well thought out. I cannot say enough about this game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Graphics gets a 5 / 5


I can’t recall any issues with this game. Outside of your typical lengthy loading times for large RPG / Open World games, there was nothing to complain about. Fast traveling took a little time but that’s it. No lagging. No freezing issues. I didn’t have any issues where the game would go unresponsive or where the controls would be a little behind. I had 3 flawless run-throughs.

The Performance of Horizon: Zero Dawn gets a score of 5 / 5

Honorable Mentions

Other games that I thought were really great in 2017:

  • Hellblade: Sensua’s Sacrifice
  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy
  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favorite game was