Great website design sets you apart from your competition. But how? In this article, I will give you examples of amazing websites and explain the elements that make them great. The great elements lead to a greater ROI for your website. More sales, more signups, more exposure, more traffic. So let’s dive in!

Great Website Design

Simply click on the brand name to pop up the website in another browser.

Sonos Logo

Sonos’ website is super clean. It showcases these amazing speakers in a simple, elegant way. The products are front and center. The Sonos experience is clearly communicated. The content is rich in information, but also in brevity. It really is superb. It’s easy to get information and a chat window pops up after navigating 2 or more pages. The muted color of the background makes the colored design elements pop. With Sonos being in countries across the world, the online translator quickly and seamlessly changes the language on the page preventing the need for multiple domains and redirects. This is a brilliant site. A true example of great website design.

The first thing you see on Neil’s page is a call to action, the opportunity to analyze the SEO on your website. In 3 short sections, you know what you’re there to do, how to do it, who Neil is, and what his process is. It’s super informative for such a small amount of content. Most scrolling websites are well longer than this when scrolling. There’s a lot of value in such a small space here. Unlike a lot of traditional websites, his services and blogs are at the bottom in small print. Because he doesn’t want you focused on those. He wants you focused on auditing your site so that you’ll want to hire him. It’s perfection.

Wheelie Creative has one of the best-branded websites out there. I’m a huge fan of her work. Great website design starts with have a strong brand, consistently displayed and communicated. There’s no doubt as to who the target client is and there’s no doubt this is perfectly appealing to them. It’s extremely visual without feeling cluttered. Throughout the pages and content is strong messaging on the brand and its values. And while it’s larger and richer in content than the previous sites, it’s really well thought out.

Workstack’s website is visually very appealing. While being very bright and flamboyant, it’s still very clean and crisp. The absolute best part of this website is the constantly moving demonstration segments running on the monitor. The focal point of the website is the system itself. No need to request a demo before you see it. The main features are clearly listed. It’s simplistic and it’s absolutely beautiful. It is really great website design. Navigation is easy and information is clearly communicated on all pages. Pricing is easy to understand and the content is written concisely.


So, what are your thoughts on great website design? Do you agree with my opinions here? Are there any other sites you’d like to share with me? If you have anything to contribute, I’d love to hear from you! You can follow me on LinkedIn and let me know what you think.