Blogging and creating content are essential to our businesses but many of us have a long way to go to obtain an 80+ rating for linkbacks (authority ranking). So we need to rely on content sharing, which is linking our content to another platform. Here are some of my preferred methods for content sharing that I recommend to many of my clients.

Content Sharing

These are in no particular order. You don’t have to do all or even any of these to have successful SEO but it can help drive traffic.


I’m a big fan of Medium as a content sharing powerhouse. It’s easy to write your own stories or import them from published blogs. Medium is home to about 180 million readers a month. It’s a great place to share your blogs, just make sure you’re really nailing your categories.

Social Media

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook are all easy sharing opportunities as you can post the link, content, and images right there in one easy post. If you change your bio link weekly or twice weekly and add captivating videos or pictures to promote it, that’s an effective strategy. Tumblr can be good depending on your target market but not many people find their niche there. Reddit can be a very effective place if you’re in the right sub. Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups are great places as well. You are more likely to reach the specific target you’re after if you’re posting in the right groups.

Email & Newsletters

I send out Newsletters via email monthly and I always include an article that will help educate my readers as most of them are DIY marketers. Have your newsletter or email campaign link to the online blog post rather than copying the content elsewhere and losing analytical engagement. Remember, these efforts are like a click funnel, your goal is to get people to click to your site.


A lot like Medium, Flipboard lets you contribute articles as well as receive articles on topics you’re interested in. Flipboard has 145 million users worldwide. Because it’s like a digital magazine it’s really popular with an older generation of entrepreneurs. I have clients that send me Flipboard article links by text almost every morning.

Specialty Locations

There are some niche platforms for content sharing online that you may want to explore depending on your industry and who your clients are.

DesignFloat – This is where you will want to consider sharing if you are in graphic design, visual design, or web design. – Everything related to WordPress you’ll find here. If this is your offering niche or your client base, look into this platform.

Dzone – This is where you’ll find articles on development, programming, Agile PM, etc.

Quora – Quora provides a lot of value to people in the business of fixing things, or providing care. Answering questions as an expert for questions asked on search engines, essentially. Adding your content here could be valuable.

Do you have any platforms to contribute or experiences from any of these to share? I always love hearing from you so let’s connect on Twitter. If you need additional help with content sharing or other content related stuff, send me a holotape, and let’s chat.