SEO is a complex machine. The need to build backlinks is a cog in that machine. One that I find people believe to be more complicated than it actually is. So let’s look at what backlinks are and how you can build them (ethically.)

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What Are Backlinks?

Well, they’re simply a URL link to your content from another source. By “source” that means another website, or social media pages. The higher the authority of the website pointing to yours, the better the quality of backlinks. Quality over quantity is accurate from most SEO tasks. Especially when you build backlinks. Unfortunately, linking to your own website doesn’t ‘count’ although having outbound links in each webpage will boost your SEO. Yeah, I know, lots of moving parts.

This image will provide an easy visual of what backlinks would ‘look’ like.

How To Build Backlinks Info

Okay, so why are they important? Well, Google decided that they are. They are part of the over 200 things that Google algorithms crawl for when rating webpages. It helps determine authority under the assumption that the quality and quantity of backlinks determines trust and authority. Google focuses a lot on authority so you need to be ‘talked about’ or rather, pointed to.

How To Build Backlinks

Now that you know what is it, let’s talking about how to build backlinks.


Certainly, you know others in the business world. Clients, partners, friends. People you network with. You can trade links with each other. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Guest blogging – writing a blog for someone else’s website or adding content to their blog.
  • Having someone add relevant content that’s educational and linking it to you.
  • Having your clients link to you in their content (if it makes sense).
  • Posting to forums and other online website groups and linking to your site. Or having someone else do it.
  • Be featured on someone’s podcast, vlog, or interview and have it linked to your site.
  • Online publications, digital books, or digital magazines.

Social Media

Adding your content to social media helps with your SEO ranking score. When other people’s social channels post it too, that’s even better. So make sure you consider collaborating in this too. So yes, social media is a big help to build backlinks. Using groups on social media is an excellent part of this strategy. This means you should post in the groups as well as on your pages.

Engaging Content

The number one way to build backlinks of the highest quality is having your website shared by another. Especially if those sites linking to you are of authority. That would mean they have a lot of quality links too. So you want to make your website the hub of where people go for information in your industry. Or others that are relevant to yours. Like in real estate you can educate people on buying a home, selling a home, property taxes, titles, lending, mortgage laws, etc. This is a great strategy because it will draw people to your site (SEO keywords) and keep them there (bounce rate), and will also promote them to share your content. Education is key.

Really transparent articles or articles that are strong in their message will help you build backlinks as well. I’m not saying be controversial but we certainly know that is the kind of content that sweeps the web. So consider what you can do to be unique, fresh, and fun. Worthy of people sharing your link.


If you have more questions on how to build backlinks, reach out anytime! I love a good conversation about digital marketing. In the meantime, you can hang out with me on Twitter or shoot me your questions there. If you have other tips to build backlinks you’d like to share, I’d love to learn from you.