I can feel some of you marketers glaring at me through the internet. The truth is backlinks are overrated because we don’t need them to rank like we need the other elements of SEO. Does it mean they don’t matter? No. It just means they aren’t as important as some obsess over. So while you’re preparing to tar and feather me, let’s just right in and talk about why backlinks are overrated.

Backlinks Are Overrated Because Content is King

There, I said it. Content is unequivocally, irrevocably, undeniably more important to SEO, consumer experience, lead generation, and close rates than backlinks. Why?

Consumer Experience

Backlinks are specifically for SEO in the “authority” portion of Google’s rules. That’s it. They help you rise in ranks as the subject matter expert. That’s great. Really great. But content serves more purposes. Backlinks don’t give your users any experience. Content on the other hand does. It tells your customers what they need to know. Poor content leaves customers unsatisfied with the experience. Backlinks, regardless of quantity or quality, won’t change that.


Backlinks tell Google that you are reputable and trusted. Content tells your customers that you are reputable and trusted. What would you rather have? A highly ranked site with a low conversion rate and poor ROI or a mediocre ranked site with a higher conversion rate and a better ROI? Plus, even if your backlinks are fantastic and from trusted sources, you still need content and the metadata to complete the ranking process. Content tells Google AND your customers what your page is about. Backlinks simply cannot do that. You can rank without backlinks, you cannot rank without content.

Backlinks have a direct relationship with your ranking

Content Creates Backlinks

Why do you link to a page? Because it contains the content you want to share. So why wouldn’t good content drive backlinks to your site? Good content builds backlinks, good backlinks do not build content.

Content has a direct relationship with consumer experience, analytics, ranking, and the creation of backlinks

Backlinks Are Overrated But Don’t Abandon Efforts

I’m not saying that they’ll never matter or you shouldn’t take advantage of opportunities, I’m saying you should focus on content. Many DIY marketers have a limited amount of time. So focus on content, rich snippets, keyword research. Don’t worry about backlinks, I promise they’ll happen on their own over time.

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