In business, we tend to prioritize busyness. There’s a glorification of one overworking themselves. It’s the lack of self-care that tends to burn those professionals at both ends. So to help, I wanted to share my 7 self-care tips. These tactics helped me immensely as I was overcoming a deep depression from the suicide of a brother. They not only helped me heal my mind and body, but they helped me be far more efficient in my work. I am doing 30% more work in 25% less time.

Self-Care Tips

Just in case you’re already thinking this, I know this isn’t a magical list. These self-care tips won’t work for everyone. You may not need every tip. You may not receive the same benefit I do, or someone else does. But just in case it could help someone else as much as it helped me, let’s get started!

Get Physical

I go to the gym every morning. Dopamine courses through my veins. Serotonin floods my synapse. I feel energized, pumped, intense. Getting active just feels good and it promotes you to be healthier. If you have any weight or body goals, you’ll get even more benefit out of this. Even if you just take a 15 – 30 minute walk a day, get those juices flowing.

“The team also found that raising levels of irisin in the circulation caused the molecule to cross the blood brain barrier, which then increased the expression of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and activated genes involved in cognition” Christopher Berglund; Psychology Today

Keep a Routine

Some people might think this is boring, but it is AMAZING for efficiency. Routine keeps me on schedule and motivated. I don’t hit the snooze button in the morning because it promotes procrastination throughout the day. Get up, keep on track, and get things done. It may sound stressful at first but it feels really good to be productive. I don’t feel overwhelmed because everything has its place on my schedule.

This is an example of one day on my calendar. It might look scary but it isn’t There’s time for the gym, travel, emails, work blocks, meetings, cooking, eating, etc.

Do Good Deeds

When you help others, it just feels good. Damned good. Do a food drive for the homeless, sponsor a kid for the Holidays, donate work to a non-profit, clean out your closets for a local shelter. When the opportunity strikes to do kind acts, take them as often as possible. When we slow down and focus on gratitude, the stress lifts away.

Eat Well

Your body is an amazing machine and food is fuel. Find ways to incorporate healthier foods into your diet if you already don’t. This is hard for folks who are well-scheduled so investing in an Instant Pot is well worth it. Here’s where you can find over 50 IP recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Failing to meet deadlines doesn’t feel good. Neither does being late, or missing arms day or skipping a meal. Find ways to hold yourself accountable. Whether it be notifications, an accountability buddy, or a database. Whatever works to help you organize. Use it to keep on track with your goals, projects, tasks, etc.

My sister is my partner for the gym, my wife for ensuring I meet my schedule around the house, and my team of Master Mavens holds me accountable for my professional goals. In total that’s 7 people. So find people who will motivate and encourage you that you will do the same for.

Master a Subject

It feels good to be an expert. Take a subject that you love and immerse yourself in it. Let yourself fall into the love you have for it. Find people with the same interests and talk about it. Join groups and share your knowledge. Learning is so powerful and so is teaching.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Frankin

Schedule Time for Your Hobbies

This doesn’t include the gym for me. Or writing online content. But it does include reading, videogames, and game night. It also includes one movie date night a week. Your schedule should have time set aside for you to do the things that relax you, make you happy, and bring you joy. Make this a part of your routine and stick to it. Don’t give up your happiness in your pursuit of success.

I schedule 2 hours every night for entertainment. TV, movies, videogames, reading, whatever I feel like doing. Take time to decompress as much as possible.


Don’t forget to take care of the most important part of your business, which is you. We know we’re important to our families, our businesses but we often forget how important we are to ourselves. Love yourself and love yourself hard. Oh yeah, and treat yo’ self. If you have any self-care tips I would love for you to share them. I’d like to hear what you think about my list as well. Jump Skip To Lightspeed and reach out anytime!