Steve Jobs will always be known for his levels of success. Regardless if you’re a fan of Apple, Claris, or Mac products. I was recently introduced to the 5 rules of success that Steve Jobs shared with his friends. One of his best friends actually decided to share this list after Steve’s passing. I enjoyed the list and wanted to share it with you.

Rules of success

Steve Job’s 5 Rules of Success

Rule 1 – Keep Reading & Learning

Steve Jobs told a story about dropping out of college and learning about calligraphy. A subject that was completely “useless” to his business dreams but would only become relevant many years later when he decided that the Mac computer needed various fonts.

What does this mean for you? You’re learning all the time if you’re curious and aware. So why not try and apply all those things to your daily life and work tasks. You never know what might be important later or how it will impact your future. So learn about much as you can. If it interests you, learn more about it.

Rule 2 – Count Everything

Steve believed numbers told a story, the whole story. One of the rules of success is to document what you are seeing and feeling. At least this is my interpretation of it. Pay attention to the reactions of your actions, the causes of your efforts. This is a great tactic to work on improving your self-awareness as well.

Rule 3 – Keep Things Simple

Apparently, Jobs owned 100 black turtleneck sweaters and wore one EVERY single day.  The point of this, according to Steve’s friend, is to free your mind. Remove the small decisions so that you can focus on bigger more important things. This is one of the rules of success I don’t follow in the same way. I don’t really put THAT much thought into my clothing, but I don’t like anything enough to wear it every day. Or maybe it’s all in my head. See the point? LOL

Rule 4 – Practice Gratitude

I have given myself a task to record the things I’m thankful for. Give people the praise they have earned. Thank those that help you. When you try to make it a goal to lift people up with you, it’s a more rewarding life. There’s more to learn, and the ceiling for growth stretches higher.

Rule 5 – Love the Consumer

This one is probably my favorite of the rules of success or at least one of them. Steve knew that everything was ultimately about your customer. If you blog, it’s all about the reader. If you cook, it’s all about the person eating. There are people you will inspire and the way you make them feel is such an important part of the business experience. There’s NOTHING better than hearing “you made my day” or “you changed my life.”


What are your thoughts on the rules of success? What have you learned from Steve Jobs? Are there other things you want to share? For this and more content, let’s connect on Facebook.

May The Force Be With You