2020 is over halfway through, and there’s a lot of analytics to support both the changes and the stagnant constant about select social media platforms. So what are 2020’s biggest social media sites?

Biggest Social Media Sites


Are you surprised? Facebook has owned the market share of social users worldwide for a long, long, long time. Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion active users a month. At any given time, nearly 1/3 of the world’s population is on Facebook. That’s crazy. Facebook has heavily suppressed business posts for non-paid ads for years now, but online groups still generate leads. Consumers still widely use Facebook recommendations (formerly reviews) for decision making. Facebook Live is a great option for real estate, restaurant, bar, entertainment, auto, and technology companies.


The Facebook-owed visual content platform has an incredible 1 billion users. It’s hugely useful for e-commerce, consumer products, coaches, consultants, and influencers. Artists, tattoo studios, jewelry shops, florists, and auto detailers should be on Instagram as it places your visual content front and center. I hate that I can’t place links in comments or with posts, but it is what it is. What I love about business paid ads is that you can allow redirect shoppers to go directly to your site to purchase. Most users (63%) are under 36 years old, but it’s still an entertaining and effective platform.


Would you believe 430 million users are on Reddit? It’s very much an information hub. It’s a popular platform for finding news, information, asking questions, or finding answers. It’s big for gaming, politics, and news. Reddit is a bit unique as karma is incorporated into the algorithm, but you can learn more about my recent article about Marketing on Reddit.


360 million young people sending mini videos about their daily lives. Sounds insane, but it’s true. Snapchat is super popular among teenagers, but if that’s your niche, it’s the perfect platform to reach them. Having fun with the filters, doing exclusive timed content can capture their attention. Just be mindful teens have the attention spans of goldfish.


322 million people pin monthly. Like Instagram, it has a requirement of visual content to include written verbiage. Pinterest is super popular during late-night weekend hours from bored wives and moms. Adult females account for 81% of Pinterest users. The platform is huge for fashion, food, recipes, decor, and design, but like Instagram, anything visual can do well on the platform.


Are you surprised that Twitter has grown to this point? Microblogging with a timeline of milliseconds per post. Who knew that would be so popular for sports, gaming, politics, developers, programmers, and designers? Twitter boasts 330 million active users. Tweeting often and with the right hashtags will get you traction, but the real way to grow on Twitter is to follow, participate, and comment. You’ll get noticed far more often and more manageable this way.


LinkedIn is the Facebook for educated professionals with 310 million users and over 61 million accounts holding senior positions. It’s the place to be to get in front of decision-makers. If you’re looking to be hired, have your services used, or your consumer products stocked, this is the platform to be on. 50% of degree holders in the US alone are on the platform. LinkedIn even offers its hiring services to help companies acquire talent. If you provide B2B services or products, do not miss out on LinkedIn. Have a personal account, a brand account, and join groups. Now that LinkedIn leverages hashtags, it’s more effective at helping you reach your target.

What are your thoughts on the biggest social media sites? Are you surprised by anything here? Anything to add? To get content like this and more, let’s connect on Facebook. If you need more help with your social media, or you have more questions, Use the Force and let’s chat!