Shopify is an incredibly popular eCommerce website platform and for good reason, it’s one of the better ones. These Shopify SEO tips should help you better understand how to use SEO in the Shopify environment. While I still prefer the overall flexibility and performance of Yoast for e-commerce and SEO, the merchant processing tools and fees in Shopify is really appealing.

Shopify SEO Tips


Register your Shopify website with as many analytics tools as you can manage. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are a must for me. Bing Webmaster Tools as well if you can stomach viewing an extra set of reports. Be sure you register your www and the non-www version of your domain. You’ll want to be sure you have metrics to review to find out what is or is not working.


Submit your XML sitemap. This is simply the step you take to index your site within the different search engines. Shopify will generate one for you so you’ll just need to enter it into each of the tools.


You should not be operating any website, especially e-commerce, without a Secured Socket Layer (SSL). This not only boosts your SEO ranking it protects your customers using your merchant solutions. You can purchase one through Shopify.


Test the speed of your site on desktop and mobile browsers. With websites, you can generally move to new servers, upgrade servers, find a new host but in Shopify, you’ll be exclusive to them to make sure the speeds are ideal earlier rather than later. If you want to get an idea of speeds and the effect they have, this Website Speed article should be helpful.

Do The SEO

Rather than regurgitate the same content I’ve already written before, I’ll simply ask you to visit The 7 Steps of SEO. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using, the basic rules of SEO are the same. While not all SEO tools or site architecture is equal, the steps are similar in all cases. That article will tell you what you need to do to achieve the best results.


What Shopify SEO Tips do you have to contribute? I’d love to hear your experiences in either struggling or having great success on this platform. Follow on Facebook for content like this and more. If you need help auditing your SEO or strategizing using it on Shopify, Send Me a Holotape, and let’s chat!

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