A lot of you who stop by my blog and YouTube show are beginners. DIY Digital Marketers which, let’s face it, can be tough. So here are some SEO Tips to leverage as you’re improving your website’s optimization.

SEO Tips for Beginners

Site Indexing

If you built your own website, make sure you submit a sitemap file to Google using their Webmasters Tools.

Fresh Content

Make sure you don’t have any duplicate content. If you use the same keyphrase more than once, you’re not only competing with yourself, but Google’s search bots may drop your ranking. Spamming pages for the same key phrase is considered a black hat tactic so make sure nothing is duplicated.

Structured Permalinks

Make sure your webpage link is relevant to your keyphrase and clearly structured. The permalink for this page, for example, has an extension of seo-tips-for-beginners making it clear to Google what this page is for. A lot of permalinks are generated with numbers and symbols making it less obvious what the content is about. It’s like the difference between a YouTube page and a vanity YouTube page.

Keyword Relevancy

Make sure that the key phrases you are using are relevant to your audience, your content, and what you’re trying to do (sell, educate, etc.)


Readability scores play a small role in your search ranking. It plays a big ranking in your bounce rate and conversion rates. There are different Online Writing Styles that are commonly used on websites. You can check out the highlighted article to learn more so you can strategize this portion better. Just remember, the average American adult reads at a 14-year-old’s level and you’ll want to try to cater to them unless your niche target has different statistics.


Consider putting your blogs on Medium and sharing the links on social media. If you have friend’s who’s audience can benefit, they can share your content or link to it in a relevant webpage to help boost your backlinks. These will generally happen organically over time.


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Thanks for reading!