Recently, Google announced the Google Guarantee Badge for select listings. This qualification provides a consumer protection program for products and services provided by the company of the listing. This is a value-added service for locations that leverage Google Ads. For those who qualify and don’t use ads, the Google Guaranteed Badge is available for $50 a month.

This badge is not only backing the consumer, but validating the listing’s status of legitimacy. Currently, in its infancy stages, Google may refund consumers for amounts up to $2,000 for an approved claim.

After reviewing Google’s regulations on this program, they’re fair and protect both the consumer and the business from fraud, poor practices, and shoddy products & services.

If you’re interested to see if your listing qualifies, you can create an account and sign up to be reviewed here.

“The Google Guarantee covers claims up to the amount on the job invoice up to the lifetime cap for coverage. Services must be booked through Google Local Services. The Google Guarantee doesn’t cover add-on or future projects, damages to property, dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness, or cancellations.”

Although I couldn’t get a list of all of the requirements, Google did confirm that employee background checks will be required. You’ll also have more optimization for voice search but Google didn’t confirm much of what that meant.

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