In the world of digital marketing, things get convoluted because there are so many moving parts. Copywriting is simply content marketing that’s strategically designed towards a certain campaign. It’s advertising that’s focused on a myopic goal. With these copywriting tips you can hopefully improve your campaigns and the result you’re getting.

Copywriting Tips

This is the breakdown that I use when I’m creating campaigns for my clients. Because it’s also in the exact order, this is a great template to help you improve your own copy. Every client is different, every project is different. It’s easier said than done to apply this to any situation but it’s a great roadmap to use.

Know Your Audience

You cannot effectively communicate if you have no idea who you’re talking to. Unlike personal interaction, you can’t read a person first before you communicate. You have a shorter window for grabbing someone’s attention. You also have a smaller group you’ll be appealing to so do your homework.

Imagine being on the football field with no play being called. No knowledge of the defense or the coach. How would you be able to run a successful play let alone win? Like any battle, be prepared with knowledge.

Where are you aiming your campaigns? Are you shooting for the bullseye, or are you on the wrong target?

Chose your ‘sive

Is your copy going to be Exclusive or Inclusive? This depends on your audience and the purpose of your campaign. Inclusive is making more people feel like you’re speaking to them. Using “we” instead of “I”. Saying “they” or “their” instead of “you” or “your”.  You’re including everyone in your content. This may mean that for your business it means not assuming any gender or race or age bracket. My content is often inclusive as an example.

Exclusive is my preference for campaigns. It creates more need for the reader to take action. Everyone is not included. Your reader is special because of some reason. Where they handpicked? Is it limited to the first 25 people? Are they among an elite group that qualified? I have a client who sells a retail product. In order to buy top-level products, you have to purchase entry-level products first. It is an exclusive group of owners, you can’t just walk in and buy it even with a lot of money. Uno De 50 has a limited number of pieces for each jewelry design. It’s exclusive who owns them once they’re gone. My advertising copy is often exclusive.

This is one of the more important copywriting tips because it’s misunderstood. All of your copy and content doesn’t need to be one way or the other. Adjust is accordingly to your audience and intent.

Emotion Matters

Er mer gerd my favorite of the copywriting tips! I’m a huge fan of emotional marketing. It works so well and it really separates you from others. Your copy should not be excluded from this. People make impulse decisions on emotion. They develop loyalty on emotion. Human behavior is centered around emotions. Connecting with your audience occurs when you’ve emotionally connected with them. Logic is thrown out the window when emotion is involved.

Tell me which photographer YOU would choose:

  1. I have been doing photography for 35 years. Using the best and newest equipment I can provide photographs from any occasion. I have taken over a dozen courses and have a BA in both art and photography. I’ve done hundreds of shoots for weddings, Senior pictures, Bahmitzvahs, pregnancy, etc. For the best photos, book with me.
  2. My lens is an instrument into your world. I don’t take that for granted. Photos are a keepsake. The perfect way to reminisce memories that have been made. Possibly faded but never forgotten. There is no better way to ensure that you remember everything when you look at a photo. Dusting off its front and thinking back with a smile. Don’t let your best memories go without the greatest visual reminder. Spacing is limited, so book your shoot today.

How does this picture make you feel? What emotions are you experiencing? How can you create that for your audience?

Favor Figurative

Literal is very important (see next section) but so is being figurative. It’s a balance, like any good book or TV Show. Words can be boring. How many ads do we see every day? So in order to stand out, you need to take viewers on a journey. Funny, extreme, sincere, thought-provoking. Take them through emotions. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them think. Don’t be cookie-cutter or like everyone else.

Word Wisely

Here’s where you want to be very literal and clear with your intentions. Rather than explain let me give you some examples.

Condos starting in the low 200,000’s

Oh cool, so I’m probably going to have to pay more to actually get a house in here. Maybe they should add “the average home price of $325,000” to it.

…helping you increase your chance to lose weight

Increase by what, exactly? Maybe include the number of carbs per meal or the calories per day one could save.

Reduces hair loss by an average of 48%

Sweet, I know what my results could look like.

Our unique marketing method has sold homes in less than 30 days

Sure, it’s market dependent but that’s a really attractive offer.

Have Limitations

If I don’t have to hurry to spend my money, I won’t. All offers you produce should have some kind of limitation. Is it limited in time? The number of units? A number of people? How can you make it more urgent? 24-hour Cyber Sale. This weekend only in stores. Limited to the first 150 customers. While Supplies Last. 14 tickets left. You get the idea.

Get Clever with your CTA

“Click Here” is boring. How can you draw attention to something more beneficial in your call to action? Isn’t it a bit more appealing to say things like:

  • Sell your home NOW
  • Learn how you can save more money
  • Start your free trial
  • Get your free copy today

Here are some example hyperlinks from my main page. You can make these descriptions fun and more exciting, or make them more strategic for sales. Get creative!


I hope you have taken away something helpful from these copywriting tips. It’s so fun to get to piece together content. Writing and expressing creativity have always been passions of mine, even as a tiny tot on a rural ranch in the middle of nowhere. What are some copywriting tips that you’d like to share? Did anything on this list help you? For more business articles and educational pieces follow me on LinkedIn.